A3ECE GBM for February

Our February general body meeting will take place Thursday, Feb. 17 at 6:00 PM. We have partnered with Rora Inc. to host a free workshop on successful negotiation! In this workshop we will share with you the secrets of successful negotiation with companies like Google/Meta and many startups. These negotiation stories cannot be heard anywhere else. This is a new workshop updated with insights from negotiations in the blazing hot post-pandemic hiring market.
The workshop will cover such issues as:

  • How do you find your market value?
  • When can you lose an offer from negotiating?
  • How do you identify if an offer deadline is hard?
  • Is it ok to renege an offer you accepted?
  • Correcting self-limiting beliefs

To attend the workshop, complete the event registration here.

Join via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 915 9526 2714
Passcode: A3ECE