Scavenger Hunt Submission

Scavenger Hunt Submission

Summary of event

This is a photo-based Scavenger Hunt and Trivia Contest on the University of Florida campus. Here are 18 digital photographs of objects or places located around the ECE department: ECE Photos on Flickr. Your job is to accurately reproduce each photo with your smartphone and then submit it on the A3ECE website for verification and scoring. Then try to answer a question relating, sometimes loosely, to the subject of each photograph. (Click on the message icon on Flickr to view the bonus trivia question.)


A link to the photos and bonus questions for the contest will be available Wednesday morning (3/24) at 9 am on the A3ECE website. You may start at any time after that and do them in any order. All photo submissions must be sent in by 5 p.m. Sunday 3/28 (extended till 5 p.m. Monday, 4/12).

Once you think you have identified the object/location in the photo, you must go to it and try to reproduce the photo as accurately as possible. This includes framing, angle, cropping, and things in the foreground and background in the correct perspective. This does not include transient variables such as shadows, leaves on the ground, or vehicles. Only one entry per photo, so take as many pictures and edit them as you wish, but only send one and then move on.

You may submit photos as a team of up to 5 people or individually. Keeping Covid procedures in mind, your team may work and upload photos asynchronously. In the submission form on the website, there is a place to identify your team.

Each picture will have a bonus ECE trivia question listed as a comment. Please click on the message icon on Flickr to view the bonus trivia question.


Each photo submission will be judged by A3ECE for completeness and accuracy and assigned a number of points from 5 down to 0.

  • 5 – You nailed it! Your photo is virtually indistinguishable from the original. (this will be rare)
  • 4 – Excellent, all features of your photo are very close to the original.
  • 3 – Very good. Pretty close, one or more features are a little off.
  • 2 – You found the right thing to photograph but your submission differs substantially from the original.
  • 1 – Right object but not even close to the original. Please don’t make us give you a 1.

Zero points for no submission or an incorrect object/place.

One point for correct trivia questions.

The individual or team with the most points will win an ECE prize.